Tuesday, April 5, 2011

weekend update :)

Low and behold,

Little man slept the WHOLE night through Friday and a few nights since then! --I originally started this blog Saturday. Anyway:::

I know that's not saying much for SOME babies.  But, my lil man tends to wake up once, twice, maybe three times a night.  Sometimes it's to feed (he's a big boy who likes his boob time) or it's just to play.  Now that he's able to play so well he wants to play ALL THE TIME!

I did not realize how WONDERFUL & GLORIOUS it feels to sleep 6-7 hours consecutively!
Mind you, I've not had that much sleep since November 3rd!
So when I got up at 5:45am, I started my day--and got SO MUCH accomplished!

And then Kie Pie woke up at 7:45am--and this is how I found him.
Talking away, upside down in his pack n' play.

Such a sweet and silly baby.

And no, I never let him sleep with a blanket---I just put that in there when I checked on him when I got up.  He still sleeps in his pack n' play because his room is too far from ours and I prefer him within hearing distance.

**Now a real quick update.

Friday was so great because I was so rested!  J, Baby K and I did our Costco and HEB run for week or two of groceries.  That night we had steaks, sausages, hummus and mashed potatoes for dinner.  I also love me some hummus.  It was the first BBQ cookout of the spring season!  Many more to come!

We also purchased two new toilets (ah the life of a domestic diva).  They are the European sleek ones with the buttons instead of handles.  Yes, I'm talking about toilets.
We also started MY beautiful garden.  Justin got me some wood to frame it.  And then I stained it dark to match our beautiful deck.  I've planted tons of fruits and veggies.  (To make Kie's baby food!)  But, we'll see what pops up.
Saturday we met up with friends to eat and watch basketball at Baker's.  It's officially PATIO weather here in Austin--and Kie loves being outdoors.  He's seriously a great baby to go out to dinner with.  Of course all are friends are still child-less so he gets most of the attention at the table.  We both eat it all up. I love how our friends love our sweet baby so much :)

-As for today we had an electrician come and re-do all our lights in our kitchen, pantry and bathroom.
I swear, every week there is a new project or home project going on.  I love it because our house is getting the way we want it to to be.

On to other topics---now that Kie is sleeping more it has put me off schedule.  I'm so use to NOT sleeping I find myself staying up doing some serious lat night online shopping!  I swear, it's a blessing and a curse for mommies that don't want to get out with the baby and battle it out at crowded malls.
I've been on Nordstroms, Zappos, O.co and Amazon ordering new sandals for the warmer weather and summer dresses for the beach.

Which reminds me, I need to get this butt of mine in shape.  Not just pushing the baby around in the stroller shape.  But, the kind of shape I don't mind being seen in little clothing in the blaring sun!

LAKE WEATHER is right around the corner.  I cannot wait to go out on the boat and watch my man do his thing on the water.  (Wakeboarding!)

Justin has a lot of talents and he is very skillful, which is one of the million reasons I initially was attracted to him.  And watching him ride on the water is a very sexy thing.  Yes that's my love (pictures below) doing his thing.
Justin on Lake Austin
copyright Robin Rowell
(thanks Robin for the awesome picture!)

My husband is a sexy man.
I love watching him in his element.  Which is about any environment--he scuba dives, wake-boards, snow-boards and can pick up any hobby and master it.  I swear, it really is UNFAIR!

Well I just realized it's after 1:00 am and I've yet to go to sleep.

I know I could of blogged about something more profound BUT, I needed to wind myself down.

Hope everyone is having a great week!!



  1. love posts like this. yay for your little man sleeping 7 hours straight... i cannot imagine what you have been going through with the sleep deprivation.... hopefully he continues his new trend! Glad to hear that he is great to take out... Elli... not so much. I sweat... a lot when I take her out to eat. And it's only been twice. There is a reason for that....

    and the toilet? brilliant!

  2. I planted my container garden a few weeks ago and it's sprouting so I'm sure yours is going to do great!

    Yay for Kie Pie sleeping!! He is getting cuter by the day-I wish i were closer to squish his little thighs (or cheeks, or arms, or booty)

    Love you!

  3. I want to see more pictures of your house, and your garden.. The wood outlining sounds wonderful! We just planted our first flower bed, and we used plastic stuff. I'm jealous of your wood. Can I borrow your husband please!? LOL.. We need our floor put down in our bathroom, and we could use some more tweeks to our hoUSE! LOL. Love you Halley girl!

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